Investigation Specialist
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He served with the City of London Police Fraud Squad and was the Detective Inspector in charge of the Force Anti-Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Unit. He has a great deal of experience working on complex fraud and money laundering cases, including a period of secondment to a sensitive section in the Foreign Office targeting international organised crime.

He passed the advanced UK National Police Training Course on investigation of money laundering/asset tracing and was engaged in the most serious money laundering and fraud investigations involving international and organised crime. He also took part in the delivery of anti money-laundering training in the UK and abroad. He was security vetted to the highest level and frequently called on to investigate particularly sensitive cases outside the conventional Fraud Squad remit.

For example, the compromise of computer systems involved with UK National security. He received several commendations from Chief Officers of the City of London Police. Since leaving the police he has continued conducting investigations in the private sector including many for leading global organisations and travel to numerous foreign jurisdictions.

Cyber Security Specialist
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He was a former member of the elite UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and later the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

He led the most successful collaborative DDoS investigation in history between a Western nation and Russia. His unprecedented five-year investigation alongside the Russian MVD resulted in the capture and imprisonment of the three men who were the main leaders of a DDoS and extortion gang.

More recently he has helped develop advanced methods of combating internet attacks, by utilising his unequalled knowledge of the cyber criminal ecosystem.

He is a leader in combating the evolving technology employed by organised crime in DDoS attacks, mass identity theft, financial fraud and the misappropriation of trade secrets.

Art & Antique Recovery Specialist
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He was a former law enforcement undercover operative who specialised in locating and tracing works of art.

On leaving the police service he built on his already extensive knowledge to become a world-renowned consultant in this very specialist field.

He has worked as an investigator for a leading specialist insurer of Fine Art and has taken part in the location and recovery of a number of high profile works of art.

Surveillance & Undercover Specialist
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He served with the City of London Police and during his service was attached to the Company Fraud Squad in the City of London for seven years, dealing with major international fraud investigations in the Far East, United States, former Eastern Bloc countries and Western Europe working with numerous police and government agencies.

Acknowledged as an accomplished company fraud investigator during his time in the City of London Police. He was seconded to Scotland Yard’s Specialist Operations Department and became one of the leading undercover fraud investigators in Europe. Whilst engaged in this capacity he worked undercover with the US secret service in Italy against organised crime and money laundering. He was seconded to the National Criminal Intelligence Service as a Regional Intelligence Officer.

Upon leaving the City Police he became an investigator based in Miami USA and operated extensively in South America. On returning to the UK he became a consultant, operating worldwide for several major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

He is also vastly experienced in the deployment and management of security operations at international sporting events.

Asset Protection Specialist
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He has a British Army background with more than 20 years service with Special Forces who has successfully moved into the private sector and led a number of projects managing the establishment of risk mitigation measures and procedures for the oil industry and government bodies in the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan. He is multi-lingual and able to read, write and speak Arabic.

Specific projects he has been involved in have included working for an international development company, providing full life support and all national road travel and conducting regular audits for fixed locations and risk assessments for projected locations. He also managed all close support teams and their admin requirements to ensure around the clock client protection.

Responsible to the country manager and the board of a major oil company for the safety and security of all drilling programs, all well sites and all production sites in the Gulf. He was also responsible for the safety and security of office and all staff. Other responsibilities included security audits and project managing all mitigating processes, fabrications and procedures including staff training. He was also responsible for collecting, analysing and disseminating information crucial to the business continuity.

Drug Testing Specialist
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Our specialist in this area has vast experience in clinical diagnostic solutions and has been developing drug screening tests for 30 years.

They are approved suppliers for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and the NHS Healthcare Purchasing Consortium (HPC).

They are also accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and members of the Drugs and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and the European Workplace Drug Testing Society.

Sexual Offences Specialist
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Our specialist in sexual offences has many years experience in this highly specialised area and was investigating allegations of historic sexual offences on children well before the commencement of OPERATION YEWTREE. During his service with the Metropolitan Police he was attached to the Child Protection Command investigating all aspects of child abuse both physical and sexual including such historic investigations of serious sexual offences reported by adults which occurred when they were children. Whilst attached to the Child Protection Command he supervised a team of detectives and managed his own investigations as well as assisting in the running of the unit.

He was part of Multi Agency Risk Assessment Committees (MARACS) for managing the risks presented by convicted sex offenders and completed the Metropolitan Police Child Protection Course. He is consequently, conversant with the sensitivities required when interviewing and taking statements from victims. As a result of his activity in this specialist field he has maintained close contact with other relevant agencies such as Social Services, NHS, GPs, Probation Service

On being promoted he left the Child Protection Command and became a Detective Inspector on a busy East London Borough where he managed the Borough Intelligence unit for 2 years, the Domestic Violence and Race Hate Crime Unit for two years and finally the main office for a year with responsibility for Critical Incident response.