Specialist investigation services

Our international network of locally based experienced investigators with law enforcement backgrounds, enables us to cover most jurisdictions, including offshore locations and access to databases internationally. It also means we are able to deal much quicker with problems on a local basis using the knowledge of our investigators.

Consulting & training services

Our comprehensive training programmes provide attendees with the skills and knowledge required to carry out the prevention and detection of financial crimes including those relating to anti-money laundering and the countering of terrorist financing in line with international standards.


Asset Protection services

Our operatives are drawn from "special forces" backgrounds which means we are able to provide the highest possible standards. Whether it be as a single operative or in multiple teams, our safety standards are not compromised.

Cyber security services

We are able to provide cyber protection for clients using a range of solutions and services to help companies defend themselves from potential and actual cyber attacks. We help businesses and other organisations to understand and protect themselves from current and emerging cyber threats, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. We utilise computer forensic experts either reactively to examine suspect computer devices or proactively to identify weaknesses in the client's systems by penetration testing.